5 tips for multi channel marketing success

multichannel marketing
In my last blog post I talked about the importance of multi channel marketing in our digital world.  Multi channel marketing interacts with the customer using a combination of indirect and direct communications channels that include social media, websites, catalogues, direct mail, phone, SMS/text,...Read More

Why multi-channel marketing matters in a digital world?

mobile commerce
I was invited by one of Digital Print Management’s suppliers, to visit Google HQ in London recently to experience google’s  ‘Drive for work” which is superseding google apps for work.  The purpose behind google’s re-positioning of this product is to make it more personal,...Read More

What does content marketing and the ice bucket challenge have in common?

What does the ice bucket challenge have to do with content marketing, personalisation and multi-channel communications?  A lot as it turns out. I got nominated for the ice bucket challenge on a rather windy, rainy morning on the last Bank Holiday of August but...Read More

Print management. How do you save money on your print

At least once a month I’m asked the same perennial question: Caroline, how can we save money on print? How can print management help me with reducing our print budget? What print management solutions are there available for my budget?  My response includes the...Read More

Marketing personalisation. How to personalise your marketing to win customers

In last week’s blog I talked about the importance of making your communications targeted and specific by making it personal. How do you personalise your marketing? Many companies I work with have an abundance of data they don’t know what to do with, let...Read More
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