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Digital Print Management provides a powerful and flexible multi-channel production and distribution service for payslip printing, payroll and all ancillary documents. Your company’s pay slips can be printed in A4 format or pressure sealed for added security.

Easy to Outsource Payroll Printing and Mailing

There is no need to change the way you work as an organisation, from a single data file you simply outsource this to Digital Print Management we do the rest; from printing to posting, emailing or online viewing; or you can have a combination of all three!

Once distributed, PDF’s can be sent via disk or emailed.

What about security of payslips?

All processing and printing is handled in a fully APACS accredited ISO 27001 production environment so you can be assured that all your pay advices are handled securely and sensitively.

What about my other employee documents?

No problem. By sending a data file with pay slips, p45’s, p11d’s and p60’s we print and distribute according to your requirements.

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll Printing and Mailing

There are many benefits for a company in outsourcing its payroll processing and printing.

Businesses face enough challenges on a daily basis and so being able to streamline some of the internal processes is advantageous. One of the key areas is by outsourcing payroll printing because it affords the following benefits:

  • Cost reduction
  • Reduces the workload of the payroll department
  • Reliability – outsourced payroll will speed up the process, printing and distribution of payslips
  • Expertise in payslip printing – assuming you select the right service provider
  • Flexibility to meet your needs over time and as the business grows
  • Speed and accuracy using pressure seal mailers
  • As the payroll is processed offsite there are no concerns with data integrity or data protection
  • Allied to the above are the provision of a full disaster recovery facility which means that your payslips will be processed and your data will remain totally secure
  • There is no expensive in-house I.T as expertise is provided

How do you choose a payslip printer?

  • Do they have ISO27001 and can demonstrate secure processes and procedures?
  • Expertise – how knowledgeable about payroll systems and software is the service provider?
  • Can data be accepted from more than one source i.e. multi-files, multi-channels, multi-locations?
  • What mailing or distribution options are available by your managed service provider i.e. mailing, return to head office, electronic to email or online payslips
  • Offer the flexibility to meet your specific needs?
  • Can they demonstrate excellent customer service?

Please call us if you are thinking about outsourcing your payroll printing and would like independent and free advice or email us.


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