ISSF cheque printing and mailing

ISSF cheque printing and mailing

Increased automation of payments has seen a reduction in cheque printing but many organisations continue to have a need for cheque processing printing and mailing.

October 2017 saw the launch of the Image Clearing System (ICS) replacing the Paper Clearing System (PCS).

Cheques are now processed through the ICS which enables an image of a cheque to be exchanged with the payer’s bank rather than the physical cheque.

This means that cheque payments can be cleared faster and funds made available to the payee the next working day.

Working closely with our cheque production partner, cheque printing is more secure following the introduction of ISSF or Image Survivable Security Features providing increased anti cheque fraud features onto the cheques we print.

ISSF’s can be printed on cheques in the form of a special ISSF, QR code or Unique Coded Number.

What is ISSF?

It is any mark printed on a cheque that survives the process of being scanned or imaged so that it remains legible and visible on the image in a digital format.

In other words the cheque becomes tamper proof. Counterfeit items, items presented multiple times, altered cheques are detectable.

ISSF’s enable cheque data to be captured and encrypted within a unique coded number or bar code that can be applied to the paper cheque.

This ensures the validation of the cheque when the image is scanned through the ICS.

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How does the service work

Your corporate cheques can have their own unique branding and style.

Base stock is printed and laser personalised including the black box and line work, at the same, the variable text is lasered from your data-file.

Production standards uphold ISO27001 and C&CCC (cheque and credit clearing company)

Your signature(s) are digitized on to the cheque, which is then folded, inserted and mailed out.

Our cheque services include the personalisation of:-

  • Cheques
  • Bank Giros
  • Cheque payment forms
  • Cheque books
  • Gift vouchers

Using state of the art mailing validation codes and OCR technology ensures that all documents are correctly matched and accounted for.

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Why use a personalised cheque printing service?

  • It’s a cost effective way of advertising your company
  • It enhances your brand by aligning cheques with your business stationery
  • All cheques have a number of security features as standard to prevent fraud
  • The remittance area of the letter can be used to personalise a letter as well as show the remittance details

You have the option of automating the entire cheque printing process by outsourcing your cheque printing and payment processing to Digital Print Management.

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Cheque printing and payment solutions

Digital Print Management offers a host of cheque printing and payment solutions.

From A4 laser, cheque books both company and personal including your corporate logo and personalisation.

Special cheques with a range of UV security features and aqua-fugitive panels, holograms can also be added.

Cheques can be printed in any denomination and multi-currency options and all make up of books is offered including pressure seal mailer cheques, continuous binder cheques or A4 cut sheet. Cheques are personalised using MICR printers.

On completion of the printing, cheques are mailed out or distributed according to customer instructions.

Applications include:

  • Council Benefit Cheques
  • Insurance Payments
  • Fund Management Investment Cheques
  • Dividend Warrants
  • Pension Fund Payments
  • Pay Slip and Expense Cheques
  • Bank Giro Credits & books

Credit slips and paying in slips are also manufactured to cheque and credit clearing company specifications. (C &CCC)

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Outsourced cheque and credit fulfillment

Many companies have the onerous task of managing a mix of cheque and electronic payments. Outsourcing this process affords the flexibility to do regular or one off payments.

Our end to end service is a flexible credit and cheque outsourcing fulfilment service.

We provide:-

  • cheque printing, signing and mailing
  • credit printing and mailing
  • No minimum or maximum data quantity
  • No specific file format required

The credit and cheque outsourcing service provides design, processing, print and data filling through to mailing from data files sent via a secure SFTP.

The service can be used for all document types:-

  • Letter cheques
  • Letter credits
  • Gift vouchers
  • Cheque Remittances
  • Cheque Dividends 

Payment Solutions

With access to a UK based payment bureau you can create files for CHAPS and BACS payments.

By making regular or one off payments using the bureau service for Bacs, direct debits, payment advices/remittances can provide a contingency by protecting payments and collections in the event of your system failing ensuring that important payments and collections are made on time.

Using the services of a bureau takes care of cheque and electronic transactions from a secure payments file. Our system allows you to automate payments without having to purchase or administer any software.

Cheque and electronic payments can be combined from one secure payments file with the bureau taking care of data separation.

Integrated payment solutions allows the customer to make multiple payment types from a single platform by managing the transition from cheque to electronic payments.

Pre-paid cards can be provided for salaries, expenses, commissions and rewards can all be loaded on such cards.

All printing, processing Bacs and Chaps payments are processed in a fully compliant C&CCC registered ISO27001 environment to ensure full security and integrity of data and all transactions.

Payment Bureau Service

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The benefit of outsourcing to a Bureau Service  allows you to automate payments and collections without going to the expense of purchasing or administering software.

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Cheques and book printing services

Whatever your cheque printing needs you can be sure that we can give you the best solution. We have experience in designing and cheques printing for Banks, Companies and Local Government and guarantee compatibility between your cheques and and your financial software and printer.

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A4 Laser Cheques/Remittances

All the cheques we supply meet the stringent C&CCC regulations; are suitable for printing on a laser/ink jet printer.


  • 3 cheques per page
  • Cheque & remittance
  • Bespoke and standard

Continuous Cheques

Suitable for use on a dot matrix or continuous printer.

  • Multi-part options
  • Cheque only
  • Remittance Advice
  • Bespoke and standard

Business Cheques

The business cheques you use say a lot about your business in the same way as your company letter head. The designs you can choose from are equally as varied as long as the bank and APACS guidelines are followed; your business cheques can be designed to incorporate your company logo, colours and style making it truly personalised.

Cheque Books

Standard and bespoke business cheque book options are available and fully compliant to C&CCC (Cheque & Credit Clearing Company)

You can have book variations such as variable cheques per page 1,2,4 to view; variable number of cheques per book with the binding options that can include left or top. Flexible page size options are also available.

All variations can benefit from additional security features and you can have personalised business cheque book wallets.

All the above services are processed within a C&CCC ISO27001, GDPR compliant environment

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