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Print Management is the integration of various disciplines such as procurement, storage, stock control and distribution to provide significant costs savings for the customer; at the same time delivering a managed outsourced solution for the delivery of print and communications.

The process includes sourcing, production and fulfilment of printed materials and related products as well as an array of electronic solutions.

Managing the purchasing

Many companies are deluged with paper even in this electronic age. We are over printing, over stocking and ordering print items repeatedly. In reality over 80% of businesses don’t know what their print is actually costing them

Managing the Outsourcing of Print is a necessity to ensure contract value, not every company needs or can afford a full time Print Management expert on staff. At Digital Print Management we source print through a national supplier base to gain the best quality and value for our customers

That’s why customers choose Digital Print Management because we provide the skills and expertise lacking in-house.

We streamline the process, time is saved on sourcing print, innovative products reduced costs for the customer, improvements on consistency and skill that may be lacking in-house.

We make our money from the reduction in your costs.

In it together

We work in partnership with you to become a seamless part of your business, managing your print costs by identifying key areas of spend; understanding the paper-flow.

What this means for you:

  • The best brains in your business aren’t diverted into managing a non-core business activity or managing a “necessary evil”
  • Risks are minimal because we’ve done it many times before
  • Visible cost saving processes

The best brains in the business aren’t diverted

Distractions are costly, and spending time learning things that don’t help the customer experience is definitely one of those distractions.

Whatever isn’t your core business just slows you down.

Risks are minimal

Learning is achieved through making mistakes; incorrectly printed items aren’t easily fixed.

The trouble with printing is that any errors are physically on view!

Aside from the costs of binning the job and reprinting, there is the logistical knock on effect with time delays and dissatisfaction that arises internally.

Our project managers are detailed stereo-typical print orientated individuals.

Taking Stock of Print Costs

There may be cost advantages in volume print runs. We can solve the production print problems through better stock control, online print ordering and effective distribution of printed items.

Print management is more than just buying print it encompasses every aspect of your business!

Digital Print Management are an independent company working with a vast supplier base that can provide customers with an assortment of printed and promotional items.

Understanding your business and marketing objectives helps us transform them into efficient and cost reduction print strategies.

Start Simple

Why not book a print audit today. We can schedule a visit, run through the issues and submit a proposal for us to take over the logistical headaches.

Save Costs, Save Time, Save Paper, Save Money!

Or drop us a note to start a conversation, lets see where it could take us.

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