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Print Management Services and Managed Print Services sound similar but are in effect two completely different business models.

Often abbreviated to MPS, also known as Enterprise Printing services, Managed Document services, MPS refers to the active deployment of a centralised management of a fleet or group of hard copy output devices such as photocopiers, digital devices, laser printers, scanners. In effect it enables the company, school, university or college to take control of their printed output from any or, all of these devices.

By controlling what gets printed on what device, MPS provides the organisation with the means to manage and control the cost of the output by providing secure, restrictive, re-directional access to printing devices by setting up company wide rules.

MPS can result in device consolidation which in turn can mean sizeable cost savings on consumables, paper and paper-flow.

Many organisations today have an excessive amount of desk top printers, old equipment and kit that is used but is out-dated technology. By reducing the equipment its not difficult to work out what the cost savings are!

What are the benefits of MPS?

  1. MPS creates a unified view of print, copy and scan activity for all the devices on your network.
  2. Enforce rules for colour output or duplex printing
  3. Redirect print jobs from desktop printers to multi-functional printers
  4. Recover thousands of pounds in output costs with accurate cost accounting that allocates individual job costs to specific users, departments, clients or job codes.
  5. Increase document security
  6. Prevents unnecessary paper waste
  7. Easy integration into existing I.T. infrastructures and connects with hardware from virtually all major brand

MPS can be deployed in tandem with a print management strategy effectively reducing an organisations print costs even more.

Digital Print Management’s MPS solutions are tailor made to suit any Company, University, School or College.

Learn more today by calling us  or book a print audit help us to help you establish which service will benefit your organisation.

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