Print-2-Mail For Hybrid Workers

Since COVID-19, the world has changed, with many organisations adopting remote working practices for employees.

People want the flexibility to work from home and the office, which poses a challenge for the processing and automation of documents.

While many companies have embraced digital technologies and sought to remove paper from their offices, many still have a combination of paper and electronic documents.

Print-2-Mail helps you automate the production and distribution of your outbound documents, saving you time and money. It reduces errors and improves customer satisfaction.

Applications include pay and pension information, recruitment, onboarding, HR and pensions documents, appointment letters, housing rent statements, and insurance renewals.

Print-2-Mail automates the production and distribution of customer letters, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

It’s a quick and easy online print and mail service that is GDPR-compliant and protects sensitive information by providing encryption and secure data receipt.

Print-2-Mail is a print and mail solution from desktop to doormat, ideal for hybrid and office-based workers.

Ready to streamline your document processing?

Sign up for Print-2-Mail today and start saving time and money.

How does Print-2-Mail work?

What is Print-2-Mail? How much does Print-2-Mail cost? How does Print-2-Mail work?
Print-2-Mail is our GDPR compliant online print and mail service for outbound letters. You are charged for the documents that you upload and we print and mail through our Print-2-Mail portal. There is a short video above to show you how hybrid mail works.
You need a computer and an internet connection to use it. – There are no licensing or set up fees to use the service or to use our automation software

– No contract for the duration of the service you can use it for however long you need

– No minimum order

– No time consuming set up

– No training needed

Our team can provide more support via a webinar if you need help in optimising all the benefits the service has to offer.
Any document can be mailed from invoices, statements, employee communications and payslips. You can sign up for a Print-2-Mail account today by contacting us using our contact form.

With a little bit of help from us, you can be mailing out your business documents tomorrow.

To get started all you need is:

– A computer or laptop

– An internet connection

– A data file containing your your

Any vital or critical business document can benefit from Print-2-Mail. When normal work-life resumes, if you no longer need our Print-2-Mail service you can stop using it. Finally. For less than the cost of a stamp, we can print, insert and mail your letter from a UK GDPR ISO27001 compliant production centre.

Call us now to request immediate set up.

Call us now on 0333 242 2697 or fill out our contact form and you can be up and running in no time.

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