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The final stage in the Accounts Receivable process is the despatch of invoices to your customers. Getting invoices out to your customers that are accurate and on time is fundamental to the any business. Traditional print and mail methods can be labour intensive.

Replacing paper bills and statements with an interactive e billing solution and emailing electronic documents speeds up the whole process, delivered faster, opened sooner and paid quicker. Our ebilling solution replaces paper bills and statements with interactive electronic documents that are delivered as secure attachments directly into customer inboxes. Customers can view, print, save, forward and pay bills without having to log on to any website.

Supporting the transition from paper to paperless billing offers benefits in terms of improved cash flow, cost reduction, paper turn off and no duplication.

Systematic and modular based approach

Firstly, we seek to understand the customers needs and requirements. We realise that no two organisations are the same and that one solution will not fit all!

Secondly we have an adapt/adopt approach we establish the main criteria of the customer and using existing managed solutions and resources we then adapt and customise the easybilling service to fit the individual needs of the customer.

How does the process work?

  • By implementing an ebilling strategy which in turn will significantly reduce print and postage costs
  • Using the website to promote paperless billing
  • Sign up process on your website, paper invoices and statements
  • Collect email addresses
  • Switch off paper
  • Push eBilling straight into the customers inbox rather than Pull eBilling

The benefits

  • Reduce the payment cycle/DSO and speed up cash flow
  • Increase website traffic through well planned marketing campaigns
  • Process demonstrates commitment to being “green”
  • Reduction in waste and duplication
  • Integration with your ERP and accounting systmes

What we don’t want to do is increase your workload.  Using our experienced project leaders we systematically reduce the paper-flow and associated administration with minimal impact on I.T.

Deployment of a managed ebilling service is quick and will give you a rapid return on investment.

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