Paperless Billing

Paperless electronic billing is here and is happening now. The benefits for outsourcing your invoice processing speak for themselves, cost reduction in time taken to electronically distribute your invoices and improved DSO. All of which can be handled seamlessly with Digital Print Management’s approach.

We recognise that your customers are unlikely to move to electronic billing in one jump and this would be impractical. During the process of implementation and integration to our service, your documents would be printed and despatched using our extensive range of mailing facilities and services enabling your invoices and associated documents to be posted out using the Royal Mail or our downstream mailing service which would mean that your cost reduction per envelope would be even greater.

The majority of our customers deliver a mix of electronic and paper invoices and this process works very well enabling Digital Print Management to support customers integrate paper to electronic over a time frame that best suits you, our customer and your customers in turn.


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