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Digital Print Management provides the services you need for the complete life cycle of a document; from digital conversion, document storage and retrieval compliant to BSI standards.

All organisations have methods for storing paper and it is likely that the bigger the company the bigger the mountain of paper.

For many, this means storing documents off site for access at a later date. The costs associated with this include the rental of the storage facility, insurances and additional company resources in terms of accessibility to these documents when needed.

The process of information management isn’t simply about organising and gathering data, disposing of sensitive or outdated data. It is a strategic business outsource solution that minimises risks in a highly regulatory environment and increases overall productivity and efficiencies by the elimination of document storage.

Managing that information safely and diligently requires specific resources.

Our document management solutions can include physical pick up, off site storage, secure archiving services and rapid retrieval of your documents.

  • Secure pick-up and return of your documents
  • Destruction or Storage of your documents if required
  • PO options to get your mail sent directly to us
  • Every document is traceable
  • Quick turnaround
  • Preparation of the documents
  • All inclusive pricing
  • No project too small or large

Digital Print Management offer a comprehensive range of scanning services which include:

  • Multi-format scanning including Paper, MicroFilm, Large format, Book
  • Document files can be saved as many different formats, Jpeg, Tiff, PDF
  • Document scanning to CD, HDD and Other digital storage devices
  • Document scanning fed into your own data base online or off line
  • Document Scanning to our Online Secure Database
  • Receipts into an expense claim module

Our digital image viewing system is a state-of-the-art document retrieval solution that meets the need for rapid access to corporate data that has been electronically archived. It enables organisations to streamline their operations by managing information more efficiently whilst reducing costs.

Fully compatible with any web browser, our system overcomes the limitations of traditional document retrieval methods by meeting the needs of Internet or Intranet-based environments.

This powerful and easy to use solution gives users secure, instant access to documents from any location, twenty-four hours a day. It also enables organisations to achieve compliance with corporate governance guidelines and internal policies relating to the tracking and storage of important corporate data.

Our scanning solutions provide scalable cost reduction solutions that help organisations to migrate from unreliable hard storage media such as CDs and DVDs to a realistically affordable, yet manageable solution.

What is more, Digital Print Management can significantly reduce document distribution costs and administration overheads.


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