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How to automate your credit control with hybrid mail

 How to automate your credit control with hybrid mail

I’ve always been an advocate of outsourcing no matter how small or large the project, some processes automatically lend themselves to outsourcing, and in my…

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Invoice processing – from paper to e-invoicing solutions


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What is a digital mailroom?

Organisations receive thousands of documents every day in multiple formats…

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Invoice Scanning Solutions – reduce costs and automate the workflow

Invoice scanning solutions

Invoice processing and scanning is one of the most effective…

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Payroll outsourcing for the SME!

There are tangible benefits in outsourcing for the SME and I have talked about it Read More

Automated Proof of Delivery – Systems Software

Automated proof of delivery systems and software

This week I am focussing on the benefits that can be derived from having an automated Proof Of Delivery process.

Doing so will lower your costs, increase efficiency,…

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How to automate your timesheet processing!


Time sheet processing can be a time consuming and a very manual intensive task for large and small companies alike.


Maintaining accuracy and correct data entry are the cornerstone of any payroll system.


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Accounts Receivable Automation – How to automate your payment allocations.

Accounts Receivable Automation.

How to automate your accounts receivable.

A fully automated accounts receivable solution for accurately allocating customer payments quickly and efficiently to the relevant customer accounts will save time and reduce manual intervention.

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Invoice Processing Automation. How to automate your invoice processing!

Achieving accuracy and efficiency in your finance department through invoice automation! 

Cost reductions, improved efficiency and better allocation of resources are just some of the savings that can be gained…

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