Print-2-Mail FAQ’s

What is Print-2-Mail?

Hybrid mail is a combination of printing and posting as a bundled service. We already provide print and mailing services for our customers. What makes print-2-mail innovative is that we are able to combine small mailings for lots of customers and by optimising Downstream Access (DSA) pricing the process is very cost effective Using our web based portal it is even easier for you to take advantage of our print and mailing services remotely without having to pick up the phone and talk to someone. You retain complete control over the composition and proofing of your document.

What do you need to access the service?

An internet connection and your documents. Starting as a PDF downloading and using our print driver you can print to (or save as) a PDF. With the print driver you wont need to create PDF’s as the system will do that for you

What type of documents am I able to print?

Any type of document. Simply save it as PDF and load onto the system or; follow the steps in the print-2-mail system and the print driver will do the PDF conversion for you.

What if I want to send a report or my mailing has variable pages?

No problem. The major benefit of the service is the ability to mail out single and multiple pages. Documents up to 15 pages will be inserted in to our standard C5 secure opaque envelopes. (See what paper and envelopes are used) Documents over 15 pages will be enclosed into a C4 envelope; if your document is over 80 pages long we will enclose it in the most suitable packaging and send it by next day packet post or courier for an added cost.

What does it cost?

Prices are displayed as you go through the site. Changing print and postal options changes the price you pay automatically. For a single sheet of A4 printed one side in black, mailed out you will pay just 38p including VAT.

How secure is the print-2-mail site?

The system is very secure. Documents are printed and enclosed in an APACS approved ISO27001 security print factory over an encryped HTTPS connection the same standard as on line banking.

What paper and envelopes are used?

All items are printed on high quality 90 gsm bond paper and enclosed in 95 gsm envelopes with security opaques (printing on the inside of the envelope to stop anyone reading your mail through the envelope)

Can I use my envelopes?

If you are likely to be a high volume user of print-2-mail it may be possible to use your envelopes subject to successful testing and have your own logo and return address printed on the standard envelopes.

What about inserts or leaflets?

If you are going to be mailing out large numbers of letters each year and require one or more standard inserts in each envelope this can be provided. You will need to notify us in advance of the mailing. You can, print extra pages as part of your print run for each person.

Can I use letter headed paper?

There is no need no to use expensive letter headed paper as you can include your logo and address on your mailings.

How do I include my company logo?

Your logo, pictures, graphics can be added to your document and we will print it at the same time as your mailing.

What delivery time scales can I expect?

When setting up your shop we will need to know if it is “same day” or “next day” service. The default setting will be next day. If you choose same day or 1st class, you can reasonably assume that your mail will arrive next day. Next day mail or 2nd class will arrive two days later. The service you choose will affect your pricing.

What happens to letters that aren’t delivered?

Mail that can’t be delivered will be securely deostroyed. A returned mail service will be available shortly so that you can see which items could not be delivered.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No, there is no need for you to sign a contract. When you sign up to use the service an account will be set up for you and will include the supply of login and password details. You will be invoiced weekly for the service and payment is strictly net 7 days from date of invoice. If the account is not paid in full weekly then we reserve the right to place the service on hold and you will not be able to process any mailings.

Can I send airmail?

Yes you can. Simply upload your file containing only airmail addresses and we will do the rest. And yes you will still benefit from postage discounts where applicable

Can I cancel a mailing once I press the order button?

Unlike our standard print and mailing services; mailings will be automatically processed quickly and it will not be possible for you to cancel your mailing once you’ve pressed the order button. During the order process you can preview your documents and letters to ensure accuracy prior to placing the order with us.

I am still a little unsure can I speak to someone?

Yes of course. Just enter your details in the contact form and one of our advisors will call you. Telephone: 0333 242 2697 Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Would you like to demo the service?


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