Invoice Print and Mailing Solutions

Print and Mail solutions

How to outsource your invoices, statements and customer mailings.

Invoice Printing and MailingSolutions

Digital Print Management’s print and mailing solutions successfully help companies accelerate the invoice to cash cycle by reducing their Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and improving the speed of payment.

Invoicing – Printing – Mailing

Many organisations have embraced electronic communications to send customers invoices.

If you are a company that sends a mix of electronic and paper communications then our solution will save you time and money.

Your data file can contain a mix of paper and digital communications, we create an application that separates the documents that are sent electronically and those that are printed.

Data is received in any format via SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) electronically validated back to the customer by auto-receipt before being printed and posted using Royal Mail or DSA (downstream access).

Our service reduces print and paper costs ensuring invoices are despatched faster than most in-house systems.

Electronic Invoice Delivery

The ebilling service delivers invoices electronically as an interactive rich PDF attachment directly into your customers inbox; one click and the customer can view, another click and the customer can pay your bill easily and seamlessly.

Or a combination of ‘push’ and encrypted email PDFs.

Invoice and POD reconciliation

We can extend the invoice printing and ebilling capability with scanning and matching of invoices to POD’s and other associated documents for automated processing.

Associated documents are also converted to PDF and are made available online to Credit Control departments and Customers for query management.

It’s simple to outsource the process, and will not re-deploy your I.T. resources unnecessarily.

The service includes printing, fulfilment, despatch, scanning, data processing and hosting.

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