Print Management Solutions for Professional Service Companies.

Print managment solutions for professional service companies

Print Management Solutions for Professional Services Companies helps track billable expenses, saves time and reduces paper waste.

Recover costs, reduce waste by implementing a print management solution.

Using an effective print management solution tailored specifically for professional services companies provides more than just cost recovery.

Recovering client billable expenses using the appropriate print management software provides an audit trail of all your printing – capture, allocate, and accurately bill for every applicable client-related expense. Giving professional services the ability to:-

  • Track client expenses automatically
  • Record client’s information for every service
  • Enforce internal rules that reduce total print volume
  • Redirect jobs to the most cost-effective output device
  • Identify and relocate overworked or underused systems
  • Manage from a central location which helps to reduce the burden on your I.T. department

Using Print tracking to recover costs and reduce expenditures

How often does this happen?

A dash to the printer to keep private information safe from prying eyes wasted paper, resources, and money from documents left unclaimed. Lost time and productivity because of queues at the printer waiting to collect your documents.

How can the print flow be improved? 

print management solutions for professional service companies

Implementing a recognised print management solution will save professional services companies time, money, and human resources.

Implementing a recognised print management solution, Equitrac Professional which supports multi-function printers (MFPs) and is widely deployed in law firms, architecture firms, marketing, and PR agencies, and other professional services firms. Seamlessly integrated within the MFP, the software features provide the ability to:-

  1. Utilise the machine’s own control panel or touchscreen
  2. Provide full print tracking and cost recovery capabilities right at the MFP
  3. Automatically capture, allocate and bill for every client expense generated anywhere within your organization
  4. Gain mobility and convenience of secure document printing to your terminal of choice via Follow-You Printing®
  5. Convert scanned documents to searchable and editable format for improved archiving, document discovery, and productivity
  6. Redirect print jobs to the most cost-effective machines
  7. Make scanned documents compatible with court-filing requirements with PDF/A output and file-size control
Documents are held in a secure print server until users authenticate themselves at the networked printer of their choice anywhere on your print network this includes departments and regional offices.

This means you don’t have to choose between security and economy as the print management system only releases documents when users are at the printer. Wasted paper is reduced by adding accountability to encourage users to print only the documents they actually need.

Card-based ID systems simplify authentication and integration into a multi-vendor environment is straight-forward.

Follow-You Printing® with secure document release makes it easy to keep confidential materials out of the wrong hands by accounting for and reporting all document output activity.

Employee productivity and mobility are improved because users are no longer tied to one printer and users can output documents when and where they are needed thus avoiding the inconvenience of printers that are busy or out of service.

By centralising your print flow and eliminating the need for single desktop printers print management software brings the security of personal printers to every shared device.

Follow-You printing® works with output devices from any manufacturer and provides one convenient administrative user interface for managing a company’s entire fleet of printer devices.

Available as device embedded and terminal based software. Compatible with IPSec encryption and supports alpha-numeric login, PIN entry and magnetic strip or proximity card authentication.

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