Accounts Receivable Solutions

The key objective to the efficient running of any organisation is getting the bills paid on time and with minimum hassle.

Traditional methods are labour intensive, slow and error-prone.

Accounts Receivable (ARProcessFlows) is a solution designed to quickly and accurately allocate all received payments to the relevant customer accounts with minimal manual intervention.

With easy integration into all major finance packages and banking systems, ARProcessFlows dramatically reduces the manual process of daily cash allocation.

Paperless electronic billing will improve cash flow, reduce DSO and drive down print and mailing costs.

Customers win by achieving concise and accurate bill presentation and payment processing is faster than more traditional print and mailing solutions.

It’s simple to integrate and offers improvements in bottom-line business performance by:

  • Reducing HR costs
  • Easy integration with your ERP and accounting systems
  • Improved cash flow and reduced DSO
  • Reduction in printing, postal and paper handling costs
  • Information and analysis
  • Helps in the reduction of your carbon footprint
  • No duplication and lost paperwork

How does AR ProcessFlows Work?

Capturing information

By employing an intelligent capture tool that can extract data automatically learning and storing information as it goes.

Managing information

Stores all documents enabling faster retrieval for processing and audit eliminating the need for paper storage while meeting all compliance requirements.

Cash Allocation

Incoming payments can be allocated swiftly right down to invoice level.

The information is recorded by the system so that subsequent payments can be matched instantly.

What are the tangible benefits of using AR ProcessFlows?

  • Real-time view of true sales ledger values
  • Clean sales ledger
  • Accurate information and easier cash flow forecasting
  • Efficient credit management with accurate debtor days; information available at all times
  • Improved credit control efficiency
  • Reconciliation is done on a day to day basis making the month-end process easier
  • Banking and remittance documents are stored electronically making the audit process simple to manage

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