ipad V Husband

Here’s the thing it’s a little after 8:15PM and I am breaking with convention. I’ve been posting articles about print outsourcing you see and I have converted my beloved to the charms of twitter, facebook and linkedin. (Work in progress)

Its been a gradual process updating my husband with the ingenues of social media and I have got use to the tongue in cheek comments like “so when’s the next big deal going to happen”, or what’s it really all about”; to comments like “don’t you have anything better to do”, “all you seem to do is twitter (now my personal favourite) facebook or linkedin.

Of course all this has been quietly solicted by my business coaches who have empowered me to embrace the importance of getting into social media and personal branding for our business.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am aware it exists; its here and its happening and if you aren’t doing it now then within five years its quite likely you won’t exist at all!

Online marketing and social media can be bewildering especially when you start out on the quest for “likes”, “links” and “connections” but it becomes so compelling and addictive, enough to make you want to run screaming out of the office shouting hey, what’s wrong with the old way of doing business. But that’s the point, it’s the old way.

This is not an advert for the aforementioned product, don’t think they need any help with their SEO; nor am I getting paid by that well known “bite” unfortunately!!

But because the quest for online presence and social media is so instant and so beguiling; it reels you in with articles of interest and ambiguity, headlines which are fun and misleading; it tempts you to keep on reading; hell, you don’t need a good thriller to read, it’s all there on social media; which brings me back to my new love affair with my best friend beginning with a small “i”.

You see I find myself reaching for it as soon as I open my eyes in the morning; its the last thing I now say good night to; and recently, I woke up unable to get back to sleep, I was at it again at 3am in the morning. I sneak to the W.C. with it instead of a magazine; it’s in the kitchen craftily hidden behind my recipe book as I pretend to read whilst really checking to see what’s going on in the world; so you see, I’ve got it bad, I’m bitten by the SM bug; that’s SOCIAL MEDIA by the way not some other well known acronym!

Recently on my own facebook page I updated my status as follows” you can turn off your ipad but you can’t switch off your husband” too true but until such times as Mssrs Jobs invents an on/off switch for husbands’ my ipad is staying well and truly on!!



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