Why outsourcing your sales order processing can give you a competitive advantage.!

There are tangible benefits in outsourcing the sales order process.

I’ve paraded the tangible benefits of outsourcing here.

Sales order processing is right up there in the scheme of things when it comes to important business critical processes.

After all, if your sales team are working hard to get new business and sales orders it stands the importance of having an effective order processing system is essential.

Completing and fulfilling customer orders in a timely and efficient manner not only builds a relationship with a new customer and provides security and assurance that you are handling your customers orders with expediency but it also strengthens existing business relationships.

Whether your business is B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer) transactions the processing and delivery of sales orders gives the organisation a competitive advantage.

There is nothing worse than gaining a new client and securing a new sales order only for the internal sale order process to breakdown causing embarrassment and frustration for the sales person who has worked hard to  deliver the order.

The speed in which a company fulfils the order gives any company whatever size a distinct competitive advantage.

Irrespective of whether your company is selling a service or product it is imperative that your customers requests are processed quickly.

This can prove challenging particularly when the volume of orders is difficult to process if you have limited resources as a company and can lead to unnecessary managerial duress being placed on staff, the end result may well be dissatisfied customers due to delays.


With the ever increasing presence of internet businesses, customers have a huge number of potential suppliers to pick and choose from with the potential to offer similar deals and discounts. Therefore the importance of the sales order process cycle cannot be underestimated.

Companies that offer superior customer service, faster order processing and timely delivery will increase their customer base.

One of the main advantages of having an online business is that it continues to function night and day.

With the internet being truly global and in a very competitive business environment, customers have the option to place orders in any time zone and at any time of the day or night.

Providing overnight staff to process orders can be costly but is necessary if you have an internet based business and wish to remain competitive.

Opting for outsourcing this fundamental business process may just be the right cost effective solution.

Outsourcing any manual intensive business process provides companies with added advantages by freeing human resources which would otherwise be engaged in non core activities.

By outsourcing the sales order process gives organisations the opportunity to reorganise and reallocate resources to more efficient and productive channels for growth and expansion.

What are the benefits of outsourcing the sales order process?

  • Extended hours of operation at lower cost by outsourcing an overnight team of staff to process clients enquiries and orders.
  • Expansion of the team and minimal day to day managerial responsibilities ideal for the business start-up that would like to expand their team but have a restricted budget.
  • Organisations won’t have to deal with any HR processes as the outsourcing company handles these.
  • Businesses can divest themselves of having to invest in additional technology, personnel and infrastructure.

The key to success for any organisation is having a long term vision and outsourcing can provide a key component in the success of this vision.

Outsourcing the sales order process can give long term benefits allowing companies to grow and strengthen current business relationships and develop new customers by providing an efficient and timely service with tangible benefits that can be measured against the delivery expectations of the customer in the sales order process.

Your competitive advantage is based on how quickly you can process your customers order!

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