The impact of digital on mail and email part 2

Last week’s post was about the impact digital is having on mail.

But the findings under taken by the Royal Mail show that digital hasn’t affected mail to the extent as one might of thought.

Email is great for follow ups, acknowledgements and for getting a quick response. Detailed information that requires time to read makes the printed version such as catalogues, leaflets and brochures easier than a downloadable e-version.

As digital usage has increased the merits of mail have also increased.

The best strategy is to combine mail and email, rather than working against each other they should be made to work collaboratively.

The benefits of email

  • Perfect for instant responses, confirmations, follow-ups.
  • Great for news and updates where messages require a quick glance

The benefits of mail

  • For communications that require time to read the printed version is preferred
  • Perceived as a medium of authority, people like bills and statements
  • Ideal for loyalty communications

Here’s a quick overview.





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