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Are you getting the best print and mailing services?

1. When was the last time you reviewed the service you get from your print supplier?

At the very least you should be visited by your print services provider every 6 months. This will ensure you are kept up to date with latest innovations, products and services.

2. How proactive is your print provider in suggesting alternate solutions to ensure you get the best option for all your printing needs?

3. What accreditations do they have for example ISO 9001; (quality) ISO 27001 (Information Security & Management)

4. Is the company customer focused? They provide solutions for you and not what suits them?

5. Can they be flexible and respond quickly and systematically to a change in specification or delivery dates?

6. Does the mailing house provide free data cleansing and checking to ensure your addresses are complete and suitable for mailing discounts?

7. Do you have a dedicated project or account manager who understands your business and requirements?

8. Is the print supplier financially stable, how long have they been in business and what customers do they supply?

9. Do you feel that when you pick up the phone to the company you get a personal service and that your print supplier is really listening? Are they quick to respond to your needs?

10. Finally when things go wrong, after all, we are only human, how quickly does your print supplier put right what went wrong irrespective of where the blame lies?

If the answer is a resounding “NO” to any of the above then it is time to review your print supplier. Jot down a list of things that you aren’t happy with and phone us! for an impartial discussion.

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How print management saves time and money.

20 pund note

A managed outsource printing service = savings for your business

Easy really, the majority of businesses don’t have a clue how much they actually spend on corporate print such as letter-headings, invoices, paper, consumables in fact, anything print related. This is because there is no methodology to managing the process from purchasing, stocking and re-ordering.

A print management company can provide a fully automated and customised print management service which will help measure and control your printing costs.

The first step in the process is understanding how much your current spend is on print this is achieved by carrying out a print audit of the various documents used by the business.

A print management company seeks to understand why and how documents are used, what the order cycle is and whom the suppliers are? From the information gleaned determines the total print spend!

A project manager oversees the whole process from start to finish culminating in a proposal detailing current print costs V cost savings on the various print items ordered.

Emphasis will be to demonstrate cost savings through efficiency driven processes.

Each quarter, a review of the usage of the various items is undertaken to see where further cost savings can be made. Managing your company print, usage and spend should be an on-going process of analysis and review.

Managed Print Services is at the other end of the spectrum to print management and enables companies to manage the flow of print in an organisation.

Equitrac print management allows you to automatically control and manage how print flows through your organisation – improving productivity and maximising time.

Using print management software organisations are able to set up automated print controls and rules to optimise the way print moves around the company.  Employees can be denied printing certain applications such as email by automatically routing jobs to the most cost-effective printer for that task.

For example a solid ink colour device is more cost effective to print obligatory emails and letters rather than a colour-cartridge-guzzling desktop printer for colour runs, colour print can be prevented altogether unless user authorised.

Industry analysts estimate that 44% of printing is unnecessary

  • People are printing things more than once which is wasting huge amounts of money
  • They may send a document to print, then notice an error on screen
  • A document is not at the printer when they go to retrieve it
  • The toner is low or there is a paper jam

This results in wasted paper, consumables and larger electricity bills. Print management software enable a more efficient, leaner and greener print environment.

What do you think? Have you implemented one or both solutions? How have they worked for you? Please do share your success or disaster stories.

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