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6 Reasons to use hybrid mail

This week’s post gives you a quick guided tour into why hybrid mail sales at Digital Print Management are on the increase and why our customers are converting to hybrid mail. hybrid mail

Firstly because they are significantly reducing costs on their mailings but they are also saving a lot of time which is their most precious asset.

The onset of the recession meant that many companies were forced to look for cheaper alternatives when it came to managing their customer mailings.

Organisations still send large amounts of letters through the post.

iStock_000014348375SmallThe running costs of doing this in-house can be prohibitive so it is often one of the first areas a company looks at when it comes to streamlining its business processes and printing requirements.

Information is sent via email or communicated online daily by thousands of companies and by automating the process of print and mailing alongside digital, companies are able to send paper communications as easily as they would making it available online.

Customer expectations have changed and whilst they may have reported a problem to a call centre on the phone they want a follow up letter to confirm the actions that have been taken and one of the most cost efficient ways of sending this follow up information is by using hybrid mail.

Hybrid mail is ideal for those ad hoc mailings allowing the customermultichannel services service representative the opportunity of uploading any number of letters on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and in whatever quantities.

By outsourcing those letters that are required to be posted, hybrid mail gives companies the flexibility to upload letters any time of the day, freeing up printer resources and the staff time taken up in generating and creating letters.

What are the 6 key benefits:-

  1. There is no installation (just the print driver that communicates with hybrid mail) Customers are able to send documents through hybrid mail in minutes. A username, password and an internet connection are all that is required to upload documents directly from your desktop.
  2. With no set up charges hybrid mail could potentially save you 60% on office print and mailing costs. Hybrid mail costs less than a 2nd class stamp including paper, envelope, printing and posting
  3. Ease of use – Hybrid mail is so simple to use there are four easy steps and as long as you are comfortable with creating documents that are ready to print then hybrid mail is straightforward to use.
  4. Hybrid mail comes into its own if your company has branches located across the country, departments can have access to specific documents and templates which means there is complete control over what is sent out and by whom.
  5. Documents that are uploaded by 4pm on a working day are printed and mailed the same day this means you don’t have to panic about that forgotten mailing. Hybrid mail does the rest.
  6. Hybrid mail allows you to store any number of document templates, you also benefit from post code validation, user and department spending caps, custom signatures and document archiving for future reference.

The important thing to consider with hybrid mail is that no matter the size of the organisation or how many documents you send out a day you WILL benefit from a hybrid mail solution.

Hybrid mail is a 21st century mailing solution designed to take care of those ad hoc letters – whether it is an accountancy business, a firm of solicitors, a dental practice, a fitness company or an organisation that sends most information electronically but still has residual letters and bills to send out, hybrid mail is a cost effective alternative to printing in-house.

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Hybrid mail solutions. How to mail out your letters on a budget!

From PC to Post – Print and Mailing Solutions made easier.

With the privatisation of the Royal Mail in October and the volume of letters delivered over the past five years in decline by 25% and expected to keep going down between 7-8% year on year postal services are on the decline.

The use of electronic methods of communication are on the increase and letter volumes are spiralling downward.

By 2015 it is estimated that the Royal Mail will have lost 40% of its business. (Hooper Report)

Postal trays are empty and the bulk of mail is carried by email servers.

What does the future hold for companies that still have a need to post out obligatory letters and forms or a few letters they might want to send out each week or month?

Although paper usage is declining paper isn’t going anywhere.

Whilst I have one foot firmly in the paper and the other in the paperless/electronic camp the fact is paper remains a recyclable, renewable and reusable substrate.

Recognised as the 7th largest industry in the UK, print provides a positive and meaningful purpose and retains a notable place in our business and domestic lives.

If you want to be able to continue to mail out customer letters there has to be a more cost effective viable mailing alternative!

Hybrid mail solutions

Are a unique online mail management solution for all your letter printing and mailing requirements.

How does it work?

When you generate a letter in-house you need five things, a PC, a printer, an envelope, paper and a way of posting out your letters i.e. a stamp or by franking the envelope.

Hybrid mail takes away the hassle of the above as the only two elements needed are a PC and internet access.

The envelope, paper, printing equipment and the distribution are managed at a secure remote location and the process is completed for less than the cost of a second class stamp depending on whether you are printing in colour or single/double sided print.

It’s like having your own print and mailing services company a click away and it can manage any letter an organisation sends out from an insurance renewal policy, customer marketing letters, post cards in fact any customer interfacing document you regularly send out to your customers.

Hybrid mail will save time, reduce postal costs and minimise your carbon footprint.

How does the mailing solution work?

Hybrid mail services allows you to enter your mailing requirements via a website.

It is an online interface enabling you to upload letter files using pre-determined templates. You can upload your document in word format (.doc, .pdf, .rtf) personalise it by adding logos and key marketing messages, change the layout, proof each step of the way and then the rest is done by the hybrid mail provider.

By taking word documents or PDF’s a mail merge is performed using your uploaded data and letter they are then printed and posted for less than the cost of a stamp.

With no contract or minimum order restrictions this makes the perfect mailing solution for small to large companies.

Hybrid mail offers a great way to reduce your in-house print and mailing costs because right from the press of a button you will know exactly what the mailing will cost. There are no extra costs and no hidden extras.

Is it eco-friendly?

Yes. Using large volume printers which are more efficient and using paper bought from sustainable sources means save money because it reduces paper, printer and toner cartridge usage.

Businesses can expect to make impressive savings with no upfront costs required.

A PC or laptop, a file of names and addresses and the letter or letters you wish to send are all that is required to be up and running!

It couldn’t be simpler!

Our print-2-mail service is easy to use and free to set up. Call us for a demonstration

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